【A:About the event】

Is this event a race against time?
It is not a race for rankings and time but an event to enjoy cycling.
Will there be any traffic control?
There will be traffic control as follows on expressways and regular roads.
○ Expressways Nishi-seto Expressway (Setouchi Shimanami Expressway)/both lanes
■Sunday, October 30, 2022
■Imabari IC⇔Innoshima Kita IC 6:00 a.m.–12 noon (6 hours)
Innoshima Kita IC⇔Onomichi Ohashi Entryway 6:30 a.m.–8:40 a.m. (2 hours 10 minutes)
*No entry to Shin Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, Entry permitted to Onomichi Ohashi Bridge

○ Ordinary roads For a certain period, there will be traffic control on the roads around Imabari IC, as it is one of the start areas and will be crowded with many participants. There will also be traffic control on roads in Hirokoji (within Imabari) as it is one of the finish areas with many participants.
Traffic control on other ordinary roads is scheduled for a certain period for the operation of the event. The control zone and the time to lift the traffic control will be determined ahead of time in consultation with relevant organizations.
The detail of the traffic control will be announced in late July on the event webpage and also in flyers that will be distributed to relevant facilities for greater recognition.

Are there alternative means of transportation during the traffic control on expressways?
There will be a temporary ferrying service between the land area and islands of Ehime and Hiroshima, and between the islands. Details including the timetable and charges will be announced on the event webpage from around July, as well as in flyers notifying details of the traffic control.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding any inconvenience caused during the event.

【B:Event and Bicycle Class Rules】

Is there an age restriction?
Lower age limits for each course are as follows: A~G courses and the guided tour entry spots of H course: Over the age of high school student
General entry of H course: Over the age of 4th grade of primary school student
Children in elementary school or junior high school must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and their submitted documents need to be signed by a parent or guardian.
What types of bicycles are allowed in the event?
Sport-type bicycles, such as road race bicycles, mountain bicycles, hybrid bicycles and small tire diameter bicycles (16-24 inches in diameter) are allowed in Course A to G.
In Course H, in addition to the sport-type bicycles, city bicycles with multiple speeds and tandem bicycles can be used.
Electric bicycles which fit into the types exemplified above are allowed. However, we will not charge your battery on the day of the event. We recommend that you apply to the appropriate course to its travel range and to bring an extra battery on the day of the event.
Certain types of bicycles have been deemed ineligible for use during the event due to safety concerns. Please consult the Bicycle Class Rules of the Event Rules for more details.
Is there any preparation in advance?
All bicycles must be equipped with a headlight, tail light or light reflectors, and a bell. Please check in advance.
You must carry your health insurance card in case of emergency.
Participants are required to handle their own mechanical troubles. Please carry the necessary tools, an air pump and a spare inner tube. We also recommend having gloves, gear appropriate for the weather like rain gear and wind breakers, portable food and drinks, money and mobile phone.
As this event will take place on expressways, you may be asked to push your bicycle for a certain distance in some areas such as around the starting area. If you are considering wearing cycling shoes with cleats, it is recommended that you bring cleat covers or the like.


How can I apply?
Applications are accepted online (application dedicated website).
When can I find out the result of the lottery of General Entry?
The result of the lottery will be sent to all applicants (in case of group entry, the head of the group) via email in The beginning of July.
Is it possible to apply for multiple courses?
We do not accept duplicate applications. Make sure to apply for only one course per person (per group).
One person or one group can only apply for one course.
After your Premium Entry application is confirmed, you cannot apply for General Entry.
When the event organizer finds a case of duplicate application, your entry becomes void and your payment will not be refunded.
(In case of group entry, all group members will be disqualified even if the duplication is partial.
How difficult is each course? Are there any points needing extra attention?
The difficulty increases in proportion to the distance.
The distance and time limit for each course is as follows.

Course Distance and time limit
A Approximately 70 km within 5 hours
B Approximately 70 km within 5 hours and 45 minutes
C Approximately 100 km within 7 hours and 45 minutes
D Approximately 140 km within 8 hours and 15 minutes
E Approximately 70 km within 4 hours and 30 minutes
F Approximately 110 km within 7 hours and 30 minutes
G Approximately 80 km within 5 hours and 45 minutes
H Approximately 30 km within 4 hours

*Time spent at aid stations, on a boat, etc., is included.
Use the checkpoint closing time that is set at various points along the course as a benchmark for your cycling speed.
On the expressways you will need to strictly follow traffic control hours and make sure to cycle at a minimum speed of 20 km/h.


Is parking available for the reception on the day before the event?
・Reception in Imabari
・Reception in Onomichi and Reception in Matsuyama
⇒There are no designated parking lots. Please park at paid public parking lots around the site.
Can I check in outside the specified hours?
We cannot accept any check-ins outside our stated check-in hours. You must check yourself in during our check-in hours, namely 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday, October 29.
If I fail to check in on the day before the event, can I check in on the day of the event?
We cannot accept any check-ins on the day of the event. You must check yourself in during our check-in hours, namely 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the day before the event (Saturday, October 29).

【E:Personal Belongings】

Can I have my personal belongings kept and transported?
We will provide a service for you to check in your hand luggage at the check-in venue on the day before the event, receiving it at the finish venue.
Please put your personal belongings into a dedicated bag given out at reception on the day before the event.
We cannot keep the things which do not fit in the bag, valuables, and fragile items like pottery and glass.(Length 390mm * width 100mm * height 460mm (TBD))
Participants will be required to show their event number and helmet sticker when requesting return of their personal belongings.


How to reach each venue?
Please refer to Access to the Venue for means of transportation.
Will there be a shuttle bus or a train for me to take my bicycle onboard?
○Shuttle bus (with a bicycle transportation service) (tentative)
・A shuttle bus in the early morning of the day of the event 1) From Onomichi, Fukuyama and Matsuyama to Imabari, and 2) From Imabari and Fukuyama to Onomichi

・On the day of the event, a shuttle bus will run 1) From the finish venue in Onomichi to Imabari and Fukuyama, and 2) From Imabari Cycling Station to Onomichi, Fukuyama and Matsuyama.
The shuttle bus routes and charges will be announced on the event webpage.

○Train for cyclists to carry their bicycles onboard (tentative)
There will be train service for cyclists to carry their bicycles onboard between JR Matsuyama Station and JR Imabari Station (morning and evening), and between JR Fukuyama Station and JR Onomichi Station (morning only). Unlike on usual trains for cyclists, you can take your bicycle directly on the train without folding or disassembling it.
The charges and how to book the train will be announced on the event webpage.

・If you are boarding the shuttle bus, you may need to take off the wheels of your bicycle or adjust the height of the saddle to pack your bicycle. Bring tools to make these adjustments, such as an Allen key (hex wrench) to adjust the saddle’s height. If your bicycle features disc brakes, make sure to bring a pad spacer to prevent the brake piston from sticking out.

・On the day of the event, make sure to cycle paying attention to the departure time of the shuttle bus and the train after you finish, the time you will need to pack your bicycle, and the time it takes to travel from the Imabari finish area to Imabari Station, etc.

Is parking available around the starting points?
Designated parking lots will be available at no cost. If you wish to park your car, please check “Parking lot on the day of the event” on the application form.
“Parking Permit” will be sent with “Notification of the Event”. Please park your car in the parking lot written on your “Permit” on the day of the event.

・Course AB【Starting Point: Mukaishima IC】:Designated parking lot in Mukaishima Sports Park (11098-289 Mukaishima-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima) etc

・Course C-G【Starting Point: Imabari IC】:Designated parking lot in the first area of Imabari Shintoshi (Nigiwai Hiroba, Imabari-shi, Ehime and Takahashi Fureai no Oka) etc

・Course H [Starting from the Kurushima Strait SA]: Oshinden Park etc. is being planned.

【G:Starting and Finishing Points】

Is there a maintenance service available for bicycles?
Mechanics will be stationed at the starting point and major aid stations. However, we strongly recommend participants to perform or obtain sufficient maintenance work in advance. Costs for any materials and parts used by the mechanics are the responsibility of the participant.
Are water or lunch offered on the day of the event?
There are 10 aid stations and each station offers water and food. (Primary aid station offers only water.)
Lunch for Course C is offered at Omishima Branch; for Course D at Minato Oasis Onomichi; for Course F at Setoda Sunset Beach; for Course BandG at Iwagi Port. Lunch for Course A, E and H is offered at the finishing point.
※The start venue does not provide water supply, please prepare before coming.


Are there any precautions specific to highway areas?
Highways were not originally designed for bicycle traffic. Please watch out for the road condition such as gaps and gutters. Participants should ride in the car lane between the white lines to prevent contact with walls and fall from berms.
Are there any precautions on the public roads?
On the public roads, general motor vehicles and pedestrians also cross the courses.
Bicycle riders should keep to the left side in a row of the road and other road traffic regulations.
Before starting, please be sure to read and obey event rules and cautions, and please follow instructions from the staff on the day of event.

【I:Checkpoints and retiring mid-event】

Will I get disqualified if I cannot pass during the gate opening hours?
Unfortunately, it is forced you to retire from the event if you do not make it.
On highway, the riders need to pass during gate opening hours, leave from each aid stations before closing time, and arrive to finishing point within time limit.

【J:Spread of COVID-19】

What measures do you intend to take for COVID-19?
We have put in place the “Special COVID-19 Rules” to ensure the safety of participants and people involved in running the event. Please note that these measures are subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation in the future.
Do you have any criteria you will use to decide whether or not the event could go ahead etc., due to the spread of COVID-19 etc.?
We have put in place the criteria to decide whether the event could go ahead due to COVID-19.
Will you refund the participation fee if the event gets canceled due to COVID-19?
Please note that we will not refund the participation fee after you apply.


What is covered under accidental insurance?
The organizer will take out the accidental insurance (Death 5 million yen, Hospitalization day’s sum 5,000 yen, Visits day’s sum 3,000 yen). There is no additional coverage by the organizer.
Please consider to join the insurance by yourself for such as property damage liability coverage.
Does the organizer cover if the bicycle or helmet are stolen, damaged or lost in?
The insurance which the organizer will take out not able to cover stolen, damaged or lost items.
Please apply additional insurance by yourself.
Will you refund the fee if the event is canceled?
Please note that no refund will be made even if the event is canceled (including cancellation due to the spread of COVID-19).

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Cycling Shimanami is a cycling event held on the majestic "Shimanami Kaido". Join us to experience the amazing scenery of the glittering ocean and numerous islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea.