Premium Entry

Perks for Premium Entry only
Ride Cycling Shimanami 2024 in original cycling jersey, Premium Entry receive event rights, plus premium jersey and local specialties.
For the 2024 event, we plan to provide a light snack service (breakfast) at each start venue on the morning of the day.

❶<first-come, first-served>Priority on riding

❷Original cycling jersey

Made by WAVE ONE co., Ltd.
Original cycling jersey for Cycling Shimanami 2024(short sleeve)
Delivered before the event. (planned)
Would you like to run through the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido in a premium jersey?

2020 Original cycling jersey

Unisex size:XS、S、M、L、XL、XXL、4L
*Comfort UV guard


*The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
*There is no general sale of premium jersey.

❸Local Specialties

[Onomichi City]Original Onomichi canvas cycle tote & Onomichi souvenir set

Made by Onomichi hanpu Co. Ltd.、Onomichi Tourism Souvenir Cooperative
The Onomichi canvas factory is located in Mukaishima, Onomichi City, and has been producing canvas using the same method ever since it began operations in 1933. Canvas is a durable and breathable cotton fabric used for the sails of sailing ships.
「Omichi Canvas Cycle Tote」 is an original not-for-sale bag for Cycling Shimanami 2024, with a design inspired by bicycles and islands floating in Shimanami. Perfect size for short outings♪
At NPO Kobo Onomichi Hanpu, we handcraft small items and bags one by one from durable canvas so that as many people as possible can experience canvas, which is a natural material.
We will deliver a set of the fragrant 「Island Heart Lemon Cake」 made with lemons from Setoda, which has the highest production volume in Japan, and the representative souvenir「Innoshima Hassaku Jelly」which uses Hassaku from Innoshima, the birthplace of Hassaku.

[Imabari City]Imabari towel set

Sales Imabari Akina Trading Co., Ltd.
A set of 2 face towels (includes a gift box) certified by the Imabari towel brand 「Kumogokochi」.
In addition to Imabari Towel’s synonyms of safety, security, and high quality and high water absorption, this towel aims to be the softest in Japan, and the feel of this towel is truly 「Kumogokochi」.
This is one of the most popular Imabari City hometown tax return gifts!
The 「Kumogokochi」 towel set with the Cycling Shimanami logo is a limited item that can only be obtained here.

[Kamijima Town]Set of local products from Kamijima

Sales by Iwagi Bussan Center Co., Ltd., Tamura Foods, and Ehime Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Yuge Branch
Lemon fields on Iwagi Island, the island of blue lemons, a famous sweet potato factory with a sweet scent, and a seaweed farming raft floating off the coast of Yuge Island that sparkles in the sunlight.
As you cycle through Kamijima-cho, you’ll be greeted with seasonal scenery and scents.
This is an assortment of specialty products that are carefully grown and made on the islands that can only be found here. Please give it a try.

A specialty of Iwagi, sweet potato snack is deep-fried sugar snack. You cannot stop eating, once you start. Please try it.

※The photo is for illustrative purposes. Product may differ from the photo.

❹Morning snack service on the day of the event

On the morning of the event, we plan to provide light refreshments (drinks, bread, etc.) exclusively to premium entry participants at the start venue, Imabari Shintoshi First District and at a dedicated venue in Mukaishima Sports Park.

Shipping period for ❷Original cycling jersey・❸Local Specialties
Scheduled for late September to early October

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Cycling Shimanami is a cycling event held on the majestic "Setouchi Shimanami Kaido". Join us to experience the amazing scenery of the glittering ocean and numerous islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea.