Important Notes

Special permission to cycle on the expressway is granted to participants of Cycling Shimanami 2024. Violation of
this privilege may result in cancellation of the event. Please be sure to read and abide by the terms and conditions

◯This is not a competitive race. Please obey all traffic rules and regulations, and be sure to follow instructions from staff, police officers, security guards, and other personnel.
◯Please check the route, junctions, aid station locations, checkpoints, time limits, and other important information of the course you will be cycling before the event.
【Traffic Regulations】
◯The expressway is not specifically designed for cycling. The organizers will take measures, such as sectioning certain areas with cones, to make sure participants are safe, but it is up to you to cycle safely.
Please cycle close to the center of the road to avoid colliding with the exterior walls or falling off the shoulder.
The lane bound for Imabari is reserved for emergency vehicles. Please not cycle on this lane.
Once you start, please do not stop on the expressway unless it is an emergency. Stopping to take photographs or videos is strictly forbidden.
【Bicycle Repair】
〇In most cases, you must repair your bicycle yourself if it breaks down. Repair services are available at the start venues and aid stations, but you are responsible for any costs of replacement parts.


Cycling Shimanami 2024
Saturday, October 26
Check-in / Events
( before the eventCheck-in is only on the day)
[ Imabari / Onomichi Check-in Venue ]
Check-in ‒ 10:00 a.m.‒ 5:00 p.m.
Imabari Venue: Minato Koryu Center (Habari)
Onomichi Venue: Shimanami Koryukan (Teatro Shell-rune)
Sunday, October 27
Main Event Day
[ Course A-C ](1,750 people)]
First wave start time at the Mukaishima Sports Park ‒ 6:15 (STC)
[ Course D-H ](1,750 people)
First wave start time at Imabari IC ‒ 7:15 (STC)


●Check in the day before the event.
●If someone is checking in on your behalf, they must bring the required documents.
●Please specify where you will check in when you register.


●Advance reservations are required for parking on the day of the event.
●Parking permits will be sent only to those who make a reservation in advance.

Baggage Storage (must book in advance for this paid service)

●Baggage will be kept at the start venue on the day of the event.

●Baggage will be kept at the start venue on the day of the event.*Baggage is limited to items that fit in the bag distributed at check in (bag size: 460mm x 390mm x 100mm) (STC)

●Identification stickers will be distributed at reception the day before. Attach the identification sticker to the baggage drop bag. Leave it at the start venue on the day

●Baggage will be returned at the finish venue of each course.
*If the baggage check-in time on the day is earlier than the meeting time (Especially one-way courses), the arrival of your baggage may be delayed due to traffic conditions.

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Cycling Shimanami is a cycling event held on the majestic "Setouchi Shimanami Kaido". Join us to experience the amazing scenery of the glittering ocean and numerous islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea.