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Tour authorized by the event with event entry rights

There are various tours that, along with offering entry rights for Cycling Shimanami 2022, give you a chance to tour around and stay at premium locations in Hiroshima and Ehime Prefectures for a few days before and after the event, including in the Shimanami Expressway area, enjoying the natural landscapes, history, food, culture, and activities that are the pride of the region.
To learn more about tour programs and how to apply, please directly contact the respective travel agents marketing and organizing the tours (the executive committee does not market these tours.)

JTB Hiroshima Branch Sales Division 4, Cycling Shimanami 2022 Tour

Tour title: For non-Japanese residents of Japan only—Cycling Shimanami 2022 Accommodation Set Plan

The course you will be running:
A Course:IMABARI70:Onomichi(Mukaishima)→Imabari (one way)
Tour overview:
PDF(English/ simplified Chinese/ traditional Chinese
Tour detail:
Booking site
*This plan is organized by Hiroshima Prefecture, entrusted to JTB Hiroshima Branch.
As many Japanese people as non-Japanese participants can accompany the non-Japanese participants on the tour.


  • *Due to COVID-19, there will be certain restrictions on participants, such as the event possibly being cancelled and participants withdrawing from the event. Make sure to read the information found on this webpage, including in the “Event Rules” and “Special COVID-19 Rules“, before purchasing the tour.
  • *If you want to cancel, etc. the tour after purchase, your travel agent will handle the matter according to their rules or the like.
  • *When you purchase the tour, your travel agent will confirm the information that is required to enroll you in the event. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • *This is not a premium entry and will not include a set such as sportswear and special local products.

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Cycling Shimanami is a cycling event held on the majestic "Shimanami Kaido". Join us to experience the amazing scenery of the glittering ocean and numerous islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea.