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Official tour package with guaranteed entry

The following package offers guaranteed entry to Cycling Shimanami 2024, as well as a chance to tour around and stay at luxurious places in Hiroshima and Ehime Prefectures for a few days before and after the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature, history, food, culture, and activities of the Shimanami area!

For the schedule and how to purchase, please contact the travel agency directly as the Cycling Shimanami 2024 Executive Committee will not be able to respond to your inquiries.

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Tour title: Cycling Shimanami 2024 Shikoku Highlights Tour

A Course “IMABARI 70”: Onomichi (Mukaishima) → Imabari (one-way)
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Both those residing in Japan and abroad


  • *Make sure to read the information found on this webpage, including the Event Rules, before purchasing.
  • *If you want to change or cancel your purchase, please contact the travel agency as they will handle the matter according to their policies.
  • *Once you purchase the package, the travel agent will contact you to confirm the information that is required for the tour. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • *This is not a premium entry and will not include a set such as sportswear and special local products.

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Cycling Shimanami is a cycling event held on the majestic "Setouchi Shimanami Kaido". Join us to experience the amazing scenery of the glittering ocean and numerous islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea.